We Grow Precious Diamonds

Naam LGD, Founded In 2019, Has Its Headquartered in New York’s Diamond District, A Subsidiary of Naam Group. Naam LGD Commenced Operations With A Pioneering Vision For The Thriving Lab Grown Diamonds industry.

Lab Grown Diamonds are a disruptive force in the Diamond industry. Cutting-edge technology has enabled controlled cost production of one of the most desirable and durable commodities on earth- Diamonds and has made it even more relevant to the modern-day consumer.

A client-oriented diamond house like no other, Naam Diamonds offers its partners an unparalleled suite of solutions for their businesses.

Leveraging our long-standing global supply chain which is powered by in-house diamond growing capabilities, state-of-the-art cutting and polishing facilities and technical know-how, we cater to Lab Grown Diamond needs of e-tailers, trading houses, large retailers, jewelry boutiques and designers.

The Naam Difference

Product Offerings

Naam LGD prides itself on offering the widest selection of Lab Grown Diamond products. With size assortments ranging from 0.005ct to 15.00ct, our diamonds are available in colorless (D to J range) as well as fancy color options (Fancy to Deep saturations).

Our comprehensive inventory comprises classic Round diamonds and popular fancy shapessuch as Princesses, Pears, Ovals, Elongated and Square Emeralds, Elongated and Square Radiants, Elongated and Square Cushions, Marquise, and Hearts.

We have successfully implemented specific design parameters using our AI-powered proprietary diamond planning technology to achieve No-Bow-Tie Ovals & Pears with longer ratios.

Product Offerings

Our collection also extends to antique cuts- such as old mine, old euros, antique pears, and antique elongated cushions, and a selection of side stones- such as trapezoids, half moons, epaulets, shields, kites, baguettes, and many more.

Naam LGD has also successfully designed and curated its selection of proprietary diamond cuts, exclusively made available for our partners. We carry an assortment of diamonds with grading reports from IGI, GIA, and GCAL. We also specialize in Hearts and Arrows as well as GCAL 8X cuts.